Understanding the Types of Aerial Photography

If you are considering aerial photography for any reason, it is important that you understand the different types. When choosing an aerial photographer or videographer, you should know these different types and keep in mind why you need this type of photography in the first place. This will ensure that you select a company that can provide you with exactly what you need.

Kite aerial photography is a basic method and provides a quieter way to achieve the panoramic view that you want. While it does offer good results, it also depends on the wind and if there is not an adequate source of wind on the day of the shoot, you are likely to be disappointed with the results. Balloon photography is also very quiet and while it does not rely on the wind as much as kite photography, the wind can have devastating results on the pictures that are taken. This is a very affordable type of aerial photography but not nearly as accurate as other types.

Helicopters are used widely for aerial photography and aerial video. This type is great for accuracy although it can be more expensive than the above mentioned types. The noise may also be a factor to consider if your shoot needs to be done over a neighborhood. Larger landscapes are much better subjects for helicopter aerial photography or videography as opposed to residential areas. Construction sites often use this type of aerial photography for shoots of unfinished sites.

If you choose helicopter photography, you will need to determine if you would prefer manned or unmanned helicopters. The company that you choose for the images may offer one or both. Unmanned helicopters are radio controlled and offer very accurate images. They are a bit quieter than a traditional manned helicopter so they are great for residential areas as well as construction sites and other landscapes. Many real estate agencies choose this type of photography to get shots of homes that they have listed and it is used widely by other industries as well. This is an affordable choice when it comes to aerial videography and photography and offers great results depending of course on the company that you choose to take the images.

When choosing a provider for aerial photographs or video, there are things that you need to consider. Price will certainly be something to think about and not all companies are going to charge the same price for the same job. You should always ask to see images that the company has taken to ensure the quality and accuracy that they offer. Also consider the impact that the photography will have on neighborhoods and residential areas. If you are concerned about noise, find out if the company does indeed offer unmanned helicopter photography. This not only gives you a good price and great photo accuracy, it helps to put to rest any concerns of noise in busy areas that could cause conflict and is often the main choice of many industries.