BigMarker Add Social Networking Features To Standard Webinar Software

For a start-up company hoping to break into the web conferencing industry, they must bring a unique spin in order to stand out. It seems that BigMarker’s announcement detailing their plan to give users access to an innovative Internet based web conferencing software that combines the best features of social networking with the practicability of conferencing, the response was better than they could ever hope for. Many major web conferencing software developers are not going to be thrilled when their existing customers begin to try out this free service, although how well it will meet their needs still remains to be seen. BigMarker’s web based conferencing software does not need to be downloaded, and users will have most of the same communication options such as video, text and interactive multimedia features that are made available by other more established companies. The young web conferencing company is looking to draw in members of the education sector in order to get the word out.

Webinar software has always required consumers to either download or sign into a web server in order to connect with other users. How BigMarker expects to stand out is with their new system that will allow link up with one another through a profile system. Users will be able to easily located like minded business professionals, and hopefully, grow their businesses through a social networking based platform. Because this service will always be free to use, BigMarker probably hopes to attract advertisers in order to remain profitable. Some consumers naturally feel that signing up for free products and services comes with a catch, but as of now, it seems that BigMarker is being completely transparent. Now that businesses have more free web conferencing options, more companies will begin to use this technology to communicate with other companies within their circles.

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