Clean Technology See’s Investment Rise

The investment levels in ‘clean technology’ have seen a dramatic rise in the space of a year as more and more venture capitalists are turning to the sector. Clean technology is the practice of manufacturing and selling technological products that are extremely energy efficient and therefore less harmful to the environment; the practice includes recycling and using renewable energy.

In the third quarter of 2010, investment in the sector was around $680m however for the same period this year the figure has risen by a staggering 72% with some $1.2bn being invested. In fact, the number of business deals also rose quite substantially in the period from 56 in last year to 76 in 2011. In fact, it is the first time since 2008 that investment in the clean technology market has risen in the USA and the majority of this was to be found in the state of California with nearly half of the deals being conducted there.

The most surprising aspect of this is that overall venture capitalist investment has dropped over the past year however it now seems as though many investors are looking to the energy saving and efficiency market. At a time when investment across the board is decreasing, Jay Spencer, a director at Ernst & Young, argued that confidence in the green sector is at an all time high and there are no predictions that state that it will fall anytime soon as many consumers are now buying their products with energy efficiency and the environment in mind.

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