No more GeoCities


Like many others I’m sure, my first website was a Yahoo GeoCities website. While HTML knowledge wasn’t needed I learned a lot from making various pages for my personal site. From there my knowledge has grown and I now own several websites with various registrars and have used several hosting companies. GeoCities was at it’s peak in early 1999 but still popular a few years down the line, albeit not as much. Since then the site has gradually become obsolete with other websites taking it’s place and other services such as Blogger and Wordpress among others. Hosting your own website has also become much easier and cheaper, with some free hosting services being available. Because of the decrease in GeoCities usage, Yahoo closed registrations back in April and from October 26th 2009, GeoCities will be no more, with content deleted after then. Yahoo users will be able to switch over to Yahoo! Web Hosting and/or download their pages/files before then.

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